Scholarships & Giveaways

There are advantages to attending conferences – expanding knowledge and meeting new people, fabulous networking opportunities, and discovering opportunities to work together for the change we want to see! However, getting to a conference can often be quite expensive – costs for registration, travel, hotels, and food can make it difficult for potential attendees who may not have sufficient funds to cover the costs.

We are building a stronger sexual freedom movement, advancing conversations and transformation. It is important that the voices and experiences of people who are too often pushed to the margins are not just included, but centered and celebrated!

To that end, we’re working with organizations, companies, and individuals who are raising money or offering scholarships like the members of our #Blogsquad,  SFS18 sponsor Chaturbate and the fantastic conference, Sex Down South.

See below to learn how you can win your way to #SFS18!



This year the #Blogsquad Bloggers, Dangerous Lilly and Sarah Brynn Holliday (Formidable Femme) have generously raised the funds to create scholarships for bloggers with marginalized identities who would like to attend the 2018 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. We are thrilled that the bloggers have chosen to pay it forward and create this amazing opportunity for other bloggers who are as passionate about sexual freedom as they are!

This scholarship is specific to bloggers with marginalized identities, and winners will be selected by this year’s Summit Planning Committee and members of the blog squad. Winners will be selected by a committee and names will be removed from the essay submissions when our reviewers read the submissions. Preference will be given to bloggers who have never attended the Summit before.

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This year we are working with our friends at Sex Down South to bring more folks to our awesome events. Starting May 1st, we will be hosting a giveaway in celebration of International Masturbation Month. We will be giving away a free registration for both events.

Located in Atlanta, GA, the Sex Down South Conference provides sexuality workshops taught by educated and amazing presenters from around the world.  Enthusiasts join in the fun and learn from the best – all while doing it in an inclusive and loving environment.  For more information, please check out Our Crew, our Guiding Principles, and our photos from last year!

Our Theme: REBEL!  Sexual Politics in a New Era…  

In a nation where the POTUS can freely sexually assault women by “grabbing them by the pussy” and alienating folks who make up our wonderful social fabric, it’s now time to heed to Sunny Megatron’s beck and call, as we start #fuckingforfreedom.  Our personal is sexually political and the Sex Down South Conference is ready for the challenge!  Join us this year as we highlight how we can mobilize our sexuality and embody, foster, and illuminate our sexual liberation!

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