Sponsorship Opportunities

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit is the premier information and skill building conference for sexual freedom: including the right to family of choice, gender and orientation issues, and our human right to pleasure and desire.

During four days of workshops, institutes, academies and social events, attendees advance their knowledge and gain the tools to actually create change. The Sexual Freedom Summit, now in its 8th year, is growing rapidly. We attract several hundred community influencers, human rights activists, academics, sexuality educators and researchers, nonprofit and business leaders, legal and health professionals. sexual freedom movement leaders and non-organizational partners all working toward the time when sexual freedom is fully recognized as a fundamental human right.

Supporting the Summit demonstrates your commitment to being a part of real, positive social change and your commitment to advancing and respecting sexual rights as human rights. By being a Sponsor of the Summit, you are letting the communities you do business with know that your company’s values and vision are focused on the key issues impacting your customers and constituents.

With a growing impact of social media (our 2016 conference shared almost 500,000 Twitter feed imprints), the Sexual Freedom Summit provides a great opportunity for visibility not only for attendees but also for decision makers and thought leaders throughout the world.

This year we’re offering a variety of sponsorship opportunities, and you can see them all outlined in our Sponsorship PDF or below.

More information? Contact Ricci Levy: (610) 212-5555.

Sponsorship Opportunities: