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Mrs. Kelly Pierce

Pronouns: she, her   ·   Twitter: @MrsKellyPierce

Kelly (Shore) Pierce is a pornographic star, webcam model, model, and LGBT activist. She started acting in erotic videos in 2006 after working as a model and make-up artist for adult film stars. By 2009 she had been featured on several adult websites, nominated for a slew of awards, opening her own official website, and a box cover girl of every DVD she took part in. She has appeared on the Maury Povich show. Discovery channel talking about life as a young transitioner, VH1’s I’m married to A…, and many other media outlets focusing on her life as a trans-woman and their rights.

Kelly transitioned into a female at the age of twelve. She attended high school in El Paso, Illinois fully out to her peers and the community. This is where she got her start in activism at the age of only sixteen spreading awareness to young adults and parents by speaking out openly for herself and others. Fighting for transgender students to be treated like any other student.  With her own fight against her school board, she helped many other lgbt students in the area achieve the rights she had! She graduated in 2004 with a bachelors degree in psychology from Illinois State University, wanting to explore she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida from Illinois. Where she worked for Laser Lovers, Inc. A transgender owned and operated company. That reached out to underprivileged trans-women providing free laser, hormones, and work.

While living St. Petersburg, Florida she got involved with PRIDE. She was elected Secretary of St. Pete Pride in 2006. With her help St. Petersburg, Florida had the largest Pride ever in the state of Florida. With over 50,000 people in attendance, beating out Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the very first time. She hosted the event with fellow showgirls Maya Douglas and Erica Andrews. Kelly also helped put on the first mini Pride in Gulfport, Florida with special guests Angelique Ali and Felicity Lane. Kelly moved from St. Petersburg, Florida in 2007, after being threatened and harassed by the Christian hate group know as the Westboro Church for her strong role in the LGBT community. She spoke out against hate and discrimination on tv, to the Mayor of St. Petersburg, and to Ronda Storms who is now a senator of Florida. Ronda was strongly against the LGBT and sadly still is. Kelly, took her on in debates on media outlets across Hillsborough County causing quite a stir. In the end she was forced to leave Florida for her own safety.

In 2011 Kelly, started getting involved in porn politics and it’s freedoms. Going up against the likes of Shelley Lubben via social media and conventions. Speaking out against the hysteria and perception that porn models don’t test and are dirty. She is proud of her industry and wishes the media would shine it’s light on the many responsible performers and companies, rather than the bad apples of the industry. She believes in the adult industry and it’s rights so much so Kelly she has taken part in the first of it’s kind Adult Union with Phyllisha Anne and other adult stars to provide a better working environment for it’s porn workers and studios. She feels it could definitely improve on it’s messaging to show that adult entertainment industry is just as legitimate as any other Entertainment industry.

She currently works for Chaturbate as a webcam model and an author of self-help books on dating trans-women. She loves working in the world of webcam that allows flexible hours, a safe environment, a live platform to her fans and to use it as a way to educate her viewers on trans-women. Chaturbate in her opinion focuses on unity and equality something Kelly has worked for most of her life. She is thrilled to take part in this years summit!

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