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Pronouns: he, she, and they   ·   Twitter: @eroslafemmeFacebook: Go to Profile

lola.rose.eros is a Black, queer, trans, non-binary faerie femme self portrait artist, photographer, model, performer, healer, liberator and fantasy-maker currently based in California. Creativity has been a life-long love affair for them, beginning with a childhood spent performing in ballet recitals and competitive ice skating routines and following into their early twenties as a fine art and fashion model, photographer, and stylist for photo shoots. At 29, she is studying divination arts and modes of healing, which informs the creative decisions that build the worlds that exist within their work. His desire to understand life through sensual, spiritual exploration combines with a curious mind bent toward the erotic and is channeled into a fantastical reality available through the language of visual art to communicate observations of human nature in vibrant, passionate detail.

lola.rose.eros has a mission, and that is to normalize and create in abundance artistic content that explores the depths of Queer Black Love, Emotion, Kink and Spirituality. In the future, lola.rose.eros is excited to produce video content, short films, and stage performances that will animate the worlds they create in still pictures. She hopes to create a platform for expressive freedom and safe, informed sexual exploration through hosting play parties, and educational tea parties to facilitate community connection amongst his peers.

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