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Kamaria Laffrey

Pronouns: she/her   ·   Twitter: @mrs_kamFacebook: Go to Profile

Kamaria Laffrey, FL Community Organizer, The SERO Project. Recently named on the 2017 Healthline HIV Influence Honors List for “Best Advocate for Female HIV Health”, Kamaria Laffrey continues to serve as an international HIV advocate, speaker and consultant working on HIV decriminalization, treatment adherence, as well as women and girl’s empowerment of health. Since her diagnosis in 2003, Kamaria has worked to empower others at risk for HIV and living with the virus to live beyond the societal and self-induced stigma of HIV through sharing her personal journey. Currently working on FL legislation to modernize outdated statutes penalizing people living with HIV is the priority work she’s committed to for The SERO Project, including preparing for the HIV Is Not A Crime Training Academy. As a Policy Fellow with The Positive Women’s Network, she hopes to see continued resistance and results against powers of oppression and ignorance.

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