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Ellen Willert

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them   ·   Twitter: @EllenWillert

Ellen Willert is a minister pursuing ordination in the United Church of Christ. She holds a Masters of Divinity Degree from Andover Newton Theological School (as of May 2018) and a Certificate of Professional Ministry from Hartford Seminary. As a bi/queer and gender non-conforming individual Ellen is deeply committed to widening the authentic welcome of the church to all and in explicating a theology of the body and sexuality that recognizes and honors all parts of ourselves and others as sacred. Her academic interests include Biblical and Patristic Greek and the translation of early Christian texts with an eye for renewing early church thought and Tradition in a meaningful way for Christians today. Her practical ministry includes working with returning veterans on issues of moral injury and soul repair, with incarcerated individuals on issues of restorative justice, and with any and all others who by life circumstances or life choices find themselves pushed to the margins of society and faith community. As one looking to a life dedicated to work in and on behalf of the church, she believes her primary responsibility must be to those whose marginalized status is created by or perpetuated by the church. Ellen works with and alongside sex workers to advocate for the full decriminalization of sex work as a fundamental issue of human rights and social justice, and to reduce stigma attached to any consensual expression of adult sexuality. She has presented her work in a variety of academic and religious settings, as well as at the UCC General Synod.

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