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Carlton/ MrBLK

Pronouns: He/Him   ·   Twitter: @BlkPomegranateFacebook: Go to Profile

MrBLK is a kink and sexuality educator based in Baltimore, MD. As the co-owner of theblackpomegrante.com, MrBLK writes about BDSM techniques, relationships, race and politics as related to sex positivity. As an educator, MrBLK is known for presenting fun and and information rich classes on topics like rope bondage rigging, impact play, consent and negotiation. With a background in management and event promotion, MrBLK strives to create safer, diverse and inclusive kink positive spaces that allow people to fully embrace and enjoy their sexuality.

MrBLK spends much of his time writing, consulting, working with social media and pursuing lifelong passions for comic books and working out.

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