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Ash Williams

Pronouns: they/them   ·   Twitter: @Ash_Bash23Facebook: Go to Profile

Ash Williams is a non-binary femme from Fayetteville, NC. Ash uses they/them pronouns.

Ash came to Charlotte to study here in 2011. While here, Ash studied dance and philosophy at
the undergraduate levels and they obtained a Master’s of Arts in Ethics and Applied Philosophy
in 2016. Ash began student organizing around tuition increases and the closing of cultural
centers throughout the UNC System. Later, Ash became involved in on campus organizing such
as calling for a freeze on the pay increase for current Chancellor Philip DuBois and a redirection
of funds into a scholarship or fund for working class faculty, staff, and students. Ash was also
involved in anti-zionist demonstrations and helping to organize student-led demonstrations. Ash

has served as a dance teacher and dance maker in the community, serving with Triptych

As a Movement for Black Lives Organizer, Ash has facilitated and organized actions in NC
about state-sanctioned violence as it relates to trans and queer people of color. Since 2013, this
work has included leading rapid response/ guerilla actions, building solidarity and coalitions
across differences, developing strategies, designing campaigns, facilitating conversations about
jail and court support, educating and mobilizing people on social media, and training other
organizers. Today, Ash organizes as a core organizer of Charlotte Uprising as well as the North
Carolina Coordinator for Sistersong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective.
In 2016, Ash confronted Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser telling her to apologize to Black
people for mass incarceration and for supporting the 1994 crime bill, and for perpetuating the
myth that black and brown youth were “SuperPredators”. In 2016, Ash was also awarded the
Human Rights Advocacy Fellowship Residency at Trinity College, in Hartford Connecticut where

Ash met with student organizers to discuss racial justice on campus, performance, and pro-
Palestinian resistance.

Ash is most passionate about being a parent to 4 fern plants, Black trans liberation, and
organizing with friends towards a world without prisons and police.

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