• Thursday, August 14 to Sunday, August 17, 2014 in Alexandria, VA

    Welcome to the only Sexual Freedom Summit – the event where all of the personal and political elements of the sexual freedom movement come together!

    Join us to share information, experiences, and strategies to use in the fight for human rights and sexual freedom.

    Of course we’ll talk about:

    • the denial and importance of our identities
    • relationships and families
    • gender expression& identity
    • sex-work & sex-workers’ rights
    • the undermining of our healthcare
    • reduction of our access to sexuality education
    • the criminalization of our sexual expression and pleasure
    • what pleasure looks like
    • human rights
    • BUT we’ll also be talking about how to create the change we want to see in these and other areas.

    Many ideas, CEs, CLEs, tons of topics, one goal:

    to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.


    This is our fifth year and we’ve not only grown in size each year, we’ve grown in terms of our programs, networking and social events.  And this year, 2014, we’ve moved to a fabulous new hotel, the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center.  WOW!  Lots more room, a hotel staff that’s excited to have us.

    Hotel Exterior

    Lakeside setting, within view of the Nation’s Capitol, the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center is just ten minutes from the Smithsonian, Pentagon, and historic monuments of Washington, D.C. Five miles from the quaint waterfront galleries and shops in Old Town Alexandria, and seven miles from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (shuttle available for guests of the hotel from both the airport and the metro!)

    Watch for updates on the Summit here and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

    “Sexual Freedom is perhaps both one of the highest human aspirations and the foundation of all human rights, the cornerstone for all our civil liberties. It is both source and prerequisite for much, if not all, that motivates human beings.”

    -Barnaby B. Barratt, Why Sexual Freedom is a Fundamental Human Right, An Introduction to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance’s State of Sexual Freedom Report.

    Eventbrite - Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit 2014

    Whether I can attend this year’s Summit or not, I believe in sexual freedom as a fundamental human right and want to support the work of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

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